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Can Agency Theory Justify the Regulation of Insider Trading?
Padilla, Alexandre (Vol. 5 Num. 1)
Cantor's Diagonal Argument: An Extension to the Socialist Calculation Debate
Murphy, Robert P. (Vol. 9 Num. 2)
Capital and Time in Ecological Economics: Neo-Austrian Modelling
Garrison, Roger W. (Vol. 3 Num. 3)
Capital, Credit, and the Medium Run
Sechrest, Larry J. (Vol. 4 Num. 3)
Capital, Monetary Calculation, and the Trade Cycle
Cochran, John P. (Vol. 7 Num. 1)
Capital-Based Macroeconomics: Recent Developments and Extensions of Austrian Business Cycle Theory
Cochran, John P. (Vol. 4 Num. 3)
Causation and Aggression
Kinsella, N. Stephan and Tinsley, Patrick (Vol. 7 Num. 4)
Central Banking in Theory and Practice by Alan S. Blinder
Cochran, John P. (Vol. 1 Num. 4)
Child Labor, Family Income, and the Uruguay Round
Rose, Jim (Vol. 1 Num. 4)
Circular Flow, Austrian Price Theory, and Social Appraisement
Simpson, Barry Dean and Kjar, Scott A. (Vol. 8 Num. 4)
Comment on Canice Prendergast's "A Theory of 'Yes Men'"
Block, Walter (Vol. 4 Num. 2)
Commentary on Rashid's "Rothbard on Money: A Critical Textual Exegesis"
Batemarco, Robert (Vol. 3 Num. 3)
Commerce and Government. By Etienne Bonnot, Abbe de Condillac
Hülsmann, Jörg Guido (Vol. 5 Num. 2)
Competition as a Discovery Procedure
Hayek, F.A. (Vol. 5 Num. 3)
Conglomerates and Economic Calculation
Jeon, Yoong-Deok and Kim, Young-Yong (Vol. 7 Num. 1)
Contestable Market Theory as a Regulatory Framework: An Austrian Postmorten
Brätland, John (Vol. 7 Num. 3)
Credit Creation or Financial Intermediation?: Fractional-Reserve Banking in a Growing Economy
Cochran, John P. and Call, Steven T. (Vol. 2 Num. 3)
Current Developments in Cost Accounting and the Dynamics of Economic Calculation
Taylor, Thomas C. (Vol. 3 Num. 2)
The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics was nominally founded in 1998, but, in terms of its mission and guiding spirit, it is a continuation, in an expanded and improved form, of the first ten volumes of the semi-annual Review of Austrian Economics, whose founding editor was the late Murray N. Rothbard. The QJAE features the same editorial staff that succeeded Rothbard in the editorship of the RAE beginning with volume 8, number 2.

The mission now, as it was when it was adopted from Rothbard, is "to promote the development and extension of Austrian economics and to promote the analysis of contemporary issues in the mainstream of economics from an Austrian perspective." Subscribe today.

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