The Journal of Libertarian Studies
Volume 7 Number 2    Summer 1983
Author Page Title
Antonin E. Murphy 185 Richard Cantillon– Banker and Economist  (972KB)
Michael O' Suilleabhain 217 Richard Cantillon  (1208KB)
Vincent J. Tarascio 249 Cantillon's Essai: A Current Perspective  (325KB)
David O' Mahony 259 Richard Cantillon– A Man of His Time: A Comment on Tarascio (297KB)
Robert F. Hebert 269 Was Richard Cantillon an Austrian Economist?  (370KB)
Murray N. Rothbard 281 Professor Hebert on Entrepreneurship  (232KB)
Roger W. Garrison 287 West's “Cantillon and Adam Smith” : A Comment  (260KB)
Leonard P. Liggio 295 Richard Cantillon and the French Economists: Distinctive French  (418KB)
Joseph T. Salerno 305 The Influence of Cantillon's Essai on the Methodology of J.B. Say: A Comment on Liggio (371KB)

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