The Journal of Libertarian Studies
Volume 7 Number 1    Spring 1983
Author Page Title
Walter Block 1 Public Goods and Externalities: The Case of Roads  (1329KB)
Clarence J. Karier 35 G. Stanley Hall: A Priestly Prophet of a New Dispensation  (974KB)
Joel Spring 61 The Public School Movement vs. the Libertarian Tradition  (751KB)
Patrick M. O'Neil 81 Ayn Rand and the Is-Ought Problem (677KB)
David Osterfeld 101 The Natural Rights Debate: A Comment On a Reply  (471KB)
Douglas J. Den Uyl and Douglas B. Rasmussen 115 In Defense of Natural End Ethics: A Rejoinder to O'Neil and Osterfeld  (406KB)
E.C. Pasour, Jr. 127 Land-Use Planning: Implications of the Economic Calculation Debate  (487KB)
Tibor R. Machan 141 Social Contract as a Basis of Norms: A Critique  (168KB)
Carl Watner 147 Libertarians and Indians: Proprietary Justice and Aboriginal Land Rights (383KB)
Justus D. Doenecke 157 The Literature of Isolationism, 1972-1983: A Bibliographic Guide  (1107KB)

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