<The Journal of Libertarian Studies Volume 5 Number 4
The Journal of Libertarian Studies
Volume 5 Number 4    Fall, 1981
Author Page Title
Antony Flew345Human Choice and Historical Inevitability (442KB)
Stephen P. Halbrook357The Alienation of a Home-land: How Palestine Became Israel (581KB)
J.A. Dorn375Law and Liberty: A Comparison of Hayek and Bastiat (883KB)
David M. Hart399Gustave de Molinari and The Anti-statist Liberal Tradition: Part 2 (1322KB)
Bruce L. Benson435Land Use Regulation: A Supply and Demand Analysis of Changing Property Rights (644KB)
E.C. Pasour, Jr.453The Free Rider as a Basis for Government Intervention (433KB)

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