The Journal of Libertarian Studies
Volume 4 Number 3    Summer, 1980
Author Page Title
Jonathan Marshall233Empire or Liberty: The Anti-federalists and Foreign Policy, 1787-1788 (858KB)
John Hospers255Libertarianism and Legal Paternalism (428KB)
David Gordon267Comment on Hospers (234KB)
Candace J. Groudine273Authority: H.L.A. Hart and the Problem with Legal Positivism (641KB)
Murray N. Rothbard289Ludwig Von Mises and Natural Law: A Comment on Professor Gonce (340KB)
Walter Block299Congestion and Road Pricing (1254KB)
David Osterfeld331Internal Inconsistencies in Arguments for Government: Nozick, Rand, and Hospers (382KB) | | The Mises Institute
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