The Journal of Libertarian Studies
Volume 4 Number 2    Spring, 1980
Author Page Title
John N. Gray119F.A. Hayek on Liberty and Tradition (772KB)
Arthur A. Ekrich, Jr.139Harold J. Laski: The Liberal Manque or Lost Libertarian? (459KB)
J. Charles King151A Rationale for Punishment (588KB)
Murray N. Rothbard167King on Punishment: A Comment (213KB)
Lawrence A. Alexander and Lyla O'Driscoll173Stork Markets: An Analysis of "Baby-Selling" (910KB)
David Canon197Intelligence and Ethics: The Cia's Covert Operations (651KB)
Carl Watner215In Favorem Liberatis: The Life and Work of Granville Sharp (650KB) | | The Mises Institute
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