The Journal of Libertarian Studies
Volume 14 Number 1    Summer 1998
Author Page Title
Joseph R. Stromberg 1 Maatskappy, State, and Empire: A Pro-Boer Revision (80KB)
Hans-Hermann Hoppe 27 The Private Production of Defence (64KB)
Edward Stringham 53 Market Chosen Law (36KB)
N. Stephan Kinsella 79 Inalienability and Punishment: A Reply to George Smith (44KB)
Patrick Tinsley 95 Private Police: A Note (18KB)
Kenneth H. Mackintosh 101 Sociological Theory in the Shadow of Durkheim's Revolt Against Economics (8KB)
Michael Levin 125 How Philosophical Errors Impede Freedom (26KB)
Hugh Murray 135 White Male Privilege? A Social Construct for Political Oppression (43KB)

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