The Journal of Libertarian Studies
Volume 13 Number 1    Summer 1997
Author Page Title
Gary M. Anderson 1 Adam Smith, Justice, and the System of Natural Liberty (36KB)
Paul Cantor 21 The Poet as Economist: Shelley's Critique of Paper Money and the British National Debt (66KB)
Gregory Bresiger 45 Laissez Faire and Little Englanderism: The Rise, Fall, Rise, and Fall of the Manchester School (102KB)
Jorg Guido Hulsmann 81 Political Unification: A Generalized Progression Theorem (45KB)
Raimondo Cubeddu 97 From Theory to Reality: Barriers Confronting Libertarians (31KB)
Book Reviews 109 Issue 13 Number 1 Book Reviews (31KB)
Libertarian Literature Review 121 Issue 13 Number 1 Libertarian Literature Review (36KB)

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