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The Journal of Libertarian Studies publishes both solicited and unsolicited manuscripts. Authors submitting manuscripts should provide three clear copies, including abstracts of not more than 250 words, to assist the referees. The manuscript should be double-spaced. Please type on only one side of the page,  using adequate margins. Manuscripts may also be submitted electronically. If an article is accepted, the author will be required to provide copies both in print and on disk, preferably in Microsoft Word. All manuscripts and correspondence should be addressed to: Editor, The Journal of Libertarian Studies, 518 West Magnolia Ave., Auburn, Alabama 36830. Email should be sent to: JLS@mises.org.

The Journal of Libertarian Studies edits for clarity, brevity, and in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style. Authors should use footnotes, rather than endnotes or in-text references, and must include complete bibliographical information. Footnotes should be consecutively numbered. Notes must be formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style or authors must resubmit them in correct form if the accepted manuscript is to be published. Authors are advised to examine the footnotes in this issue to see how the style is applied. In addition, in the interest of assisting researchers, a complete bibliography is to be included with the article.

Authors should include information on their titles and professional affiliations, along with mailing address, telephone number, and email address. Authors should also indicate if the manuscript has been or is to be published elsewhere or presented at a conference.

The Journal of Libertarian Studies is abstracted and indexed in Historical Abstracts; America; History and Life; Political Science Abstracts; The Philosopher's Index; and International Political Science Abstracts.

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