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Maatskappy, State, and Empire: A Pro-Boer Revision
Stromberg, Joseph R. (Vol. 14 Num. 1)
Market Chosen Law
Stringham, Edward (Vol. 14 Num. 1)
Market Socialism: A Subjectivist Evaluation
Bradley, Jr., Robert (Vol. 5 Num. 1)
Markets, True and False: The Case of Yugoslavia
Dorn, James A. (Vol. 2 Num. 3)
Marxist and Austrian Class Analysis
Hoppe, Hans-Hermann (Vol. 9 Num. 2)
Matter of Degree, Not Principle: The Founding of the American Liberty League
Richman, Sheldon L. (Vol. 6 Num. 2)
Medicine and the Crimination of Sin: "Self-abuse" in 19th Century America
Hamowy, Ronald (Vol. 1 Num. 3)
Might versus Right
Eshelman, Larry (Vol. 12 Num. 1)
Millenialism and the Progressive Movement
North, Gary (Vol. 12 Num. 1)
Milton Friedman Unraveled
Rothbard, Murray N. (Vol. 16 Num. 4)
Mises on Fascism, Democracy, and Other Questions
Raico, Ralph (Vol. 12 Num. 1)
Mises versus Weber on Bureaucracy and Sociological Method
Anderson, William P. (Vol. 18 Num. 1)
Modeling Hypothetical Consent
Wennberg, Mikko (Vol. 17 Num. 3)
Monarchy and War
Kuehnelt-Leddihn, Erik von (Vol. 15 Num. 1)
Monetary History of America to 1789: A Historiographical Essay
Hummel, Jeffrey Rogers (Vol. 2 Num. 4)
Monopoly and Competition in Money
Edwards, James Rolph (Vol. 4 Num. 1)
Moral Development and Critiques of Anarchism
Peterson, Steven A. (Vol. 8 Num. 2)
Moral Relativism as a Foundation for Natural Rights
Harman, Gilbert (Vol. 4 Num. 4)
Murray N. Rothbard as a Critic of Socialism
Maltsev, Yuri (Vol. 12 Num. 1)

FOUNDING EDITOR: Murray N. Rothbard (1926-1995)
Editor-at-Large: Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Roderick T. Long (
Auburn University)

Managing Editor: Judith Thommesen
Publisher: Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., Ludwig von Mises Institute 

Since its first issue in the Spring of 1977, the Journal of Libertarian Studies, founded by Murray N. Rothbard, has been the voice of scholarship in libertarian theory, the major launching pad for every new idea that shaped the world of libertarianism, the preeminent forum for the airing of revisionist historical research on war and interventionism, and the primary venue for reconstruction of the history of ideas in terms of libertarian ideas. Both peerless and fearless, the JLS continues that tradition with every issue. Subscribe today.


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