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Galles, Gary
Book Review of Benjamin Constant: Principles of Politics Applicable to All Governments
(Vol. 19 Num. 1)
Garrison, Roger W.
In Defense of the Misesian Theory of Interest
(Vol. 3 Num. 2)
West's "Cantillon and Adam Smith" : A Comment
(Vol. 7 Num. 2)
Gertchev, Nikolay
Dehomogenizing Mises's Monetary Theory
(Vol. 18 Num. 3)
Gordon, David
Book Reviews: Liberty and Nature: An Aristotelian Defense of Liberal Order by Rasmussen and Den Uyl; Objectivism: The Philosopy of Ayn Rand by Leonard Piekoff
(Vol. 11 Num. 1)
Comment on Hospers
(Vol. 4 Num. 3)
Review of Atheism, Ayn Rand, and Other Heresies By George H. Smith
(Vol. 10 Num. 2)
Gordon, David
Review of J.C. Lester's Escape from Leviathan: Liberty, Welfare, and Anarchy Reconciled
and Modungo, Roberta A. (Vol. 17 Num. 4)
Gottfried, Paul
Liberalism versus Democracy
(Vol. 12 Num. 2)
Locke, Hobbes, and the UD: Comment on Van Dun
(Vol. 16 Num. 3)
On Liberal and Democratic Nationhood
(Vol. 10 Num. 1)
Sovereign State at Bay
(Vol. 10 Num. 2)
The Habermasian Moment
(Vol. 19 Num. 2)
Wilsonianism: The Legacy that Won't Die
(Vol. 9 Num. 2)
Gray, John N.
F.A. Hayek on Liberty and Tradition
(Vol. 4 Num. 2)
Green, Arnold W.
Equality and Equal Opportunity
(Vol. 1 Num. 2)
Grenander, M.E.
Benito Cereno and Legal Oppression: A Szaszian Interpretation
(Vol. 2 Num. 4)
Of Graver Import Than History: Psychiatry in Fiction
(Vol. 2 Num. 1)
Grim, Patrick
The "Right" to a Fair Trial
(Vol. 2 Num. 2)
Grinder, Walter E.
Toward a Theory of State Capitalism: Ultimate Decision-Making and Class Structure
and Hagel III, John (Vol. 1 Num. 1)
Groth, Alexander J.
Democratizing the Middle East: A Conservative Perspective?
(Vol. 19 Num. 4)
Groudine, Candace J.
Authority: H.L.A. Hart and the Problem with Legal Positivism
(Vol. 4 Num. 3)
Gutzman, K.R. Constantine
Paul to Jeremiah: Calhoun's Abandonment of Nationalism
(Vol. 16 Num. 2)

FOUNDING EDITOR: Murray N. Rothbard (1926-1995)
Editor-at-Large: Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Roderick T. Long (
Auburn University)

Managing Editor: Judith Thommesen
Publisher: Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., Ludwig von Mises Institute 

Since its first issue in the Spring of 1977, the Journal of Libertarian Studies, founded by Murray N. Rothbard, has been the voice of scholarship in libertarian theory, the major launching pad for every new idea that shaped the world of libertarianism, the preeminent forum for the airing of revisionist historical research on war and interventionism, and the primary venue for reconstruction of the history of ideas in terms of libertarian ideas. Both peerless and fearless, the JLS continues that tradition with every issue. Subscribe today.


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