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Caneiro, Robert L.
Herbert Spencer as an Anthropologist
(Vol. 5 Num. 2)
Canon, David
Intelligence and Ethics: The Cia's Covert Operations
(Vol. 4 Num. 2)
Cantor, Paul
The Poet as Economist : Shelley's Critique of Paper Money and the British National Debt
(Vol. 13 Num. 1)
Carson, Kevin A.
Carson's Rejoinders
(Vol. 20 Num. 1)
Chappell, Robert H.
Anarchy Revisited: An Inquiry into the Public Education Dilemma
(Vol. 2 Num. 4)
Cheek, Jr., H. Lee
Calhoun, Sectional Conflict, and Modern America
(Vol. 16 Num. 2)
Childs, Roy A.
Invisible Hand Strikes Back, The
(Vol. 1 Num. 1)
Cole, Julio H.
Patents and Copyrights: Do the Benefits Exceed the Costs?
(Vol. 15 Num. 4)
Colombatto, Enrico
Is "Malinvestment" Enough to Go Bust?
(Vol. 19 Num. 3)
Review of Joseph E. Stiglitz, Globalization and Its Discontents
(Vol. 18 Num. 1)
Conway, David
Nationalism and Liberalism: Friends or Foes?
(Vol. 16 Num. 1)
Cordato, Roy E.
Tax Rate vs Tax Base: A Public Choice Perspective on the Consequences for the Growth of Government
and Richman, Sheldon L. (Vol. 8 Num. 1)
The Austrian Theory of Efficiency and the Role of Government
(Vol. 4 Num. 4)
Cottle, Rex L.
The Nearly Invisible Invisible Hand
and Wallace, Myles S. (Vol. 5 Num. 3)
Cox, Stephen
Ayn Rand: Theory versus Creative Life
(Vol. 8 Num. 1)
Review of Ayn Rand and Song of Russia: Communism and Anti-Communism in 1940s Hollywood by Robert Mayhew
(Vol. 19 Num. 4)
Cubeddu, Raimondo
From Theory to Reality: Barriers Confronting Libertarians
(Vol. 13 Num. 1)
Cucerai, Sorin
Free Exchange and Ethical Decisions
(Vol. 17 Num. 2)
Curry, Richard O.
Ambivalence, Ambiguity, and Contradiction Garrisonian Abolitionists and Nonviolence
and Goodheart, Lawrence B. (Vol. 6 Num. 3)
Cuzan, Alfred G.
Do We Ever Really Get Out of Anarchy?
(Vol. 3 Num. 2)

FOUNDING EDITOR: Murray N. Rothbard (1926-1995)
Editor-at-Large: Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Roderick T. Long (
Auburn University)

Managing Editor: Judith Thommesen
Publisher: Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., Ludwig von Mises Institute 

Since its first issue in the Spring of 1977, the Journal of Libertarian Studies, founded by Murray N. Rothbard, has been the voice of scholarship in libertarian theory, the major launching pad for every new idea that shaped the world of libertarianism, the preeminent forum for the airing of revisionist historical research on war and interventionism, and the primary venue for reconstruction of the history of ideas in terms of libertarian ideas. Both peerless and fearless, the JLS continues that tradition with every issue. Subscribe today.


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