Note on the Online Edition

Human Action clearly ranks among the most significant social-science treatises ever written, and is pleased to host the online edition of this classic. The online text is under copyright. The online edition is the 4th edition (1996), which is a corrected version of the 3rd (1966), which was, in turn, a corrected edition of the botched 2nd edition (1963).  

For a reasons spelled out in the introduction to the Scholar's Edition, the Mises Institute regards the first edition (1949) as the most authoritative. The 3rd/4th edition avaiable online excludes some material cut from the first edition, but includes other material. A file containing all the additions made to the 3rd is available here

No online edition can fully supplant the need for careful study of a physical copy. would like to thank Bettina Bien Greaves for granting permission for this edition. Thanks also to Richard Perry, an intellectual entrepreneur and student of Mises's who typed up Mises's book many years ago for an early experiment in artificial intelligence. Scott (Scooter) Baker took care of the initial technical side. Amanda Printz and Jeffrey Tucker assisted in polishing the format and layout. George Reisman, a student of Mises and an oustanding economist, painstakingly prepared the .pdf files, for which are a very grateful. Many others have contributed to this project and continue to do so.

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